Home exercise will improve your Health related fitness.

Home exercise will improve your Health related fitness

I don’t believe there is a universally agreed definition of health related fitness, although i have managed to stumble upon this one.

‘Health-related fitness refers to the state of physical and physiological characteristics that define the risk levels for the premature development of diseases or morbid conditions presenting a relationship with a sedentary mode of life’

Basically, it is looking at how fitness can contribute toward a persons overall health.

Body composition

This refers to the measurement of muscle, fat, and bone in a percentage.Along with a persons weight it can be used to determine the leanness of an individual.

It is the fat measurement that we pay particular attention to, as the rest refers to lean tissue. It is recommended that a male should have a fat percentage of between 6 and 24 %, and females 14 -31%.

It is an important aspect because two people could be the same weight and height yet have a completely different body shape.

Body composition is usually measured using calipers - using three or four reference points on the body or bioelectrical impedance analysis, which measures the resistance of an electrical current through the body.

A body fat percentage higher than recommended may lead to heart disease and diabetes and can also place excess stress on joints and muscles.

Muscular strength

Strength is important in a variety of ways. It is not only the ability to lift a lot of weight, but being able to hold a good posture, perform good techniques in sports and protect our joints by providing good function. In everyday life we need to lift, carry and hold objects, that all requires strength.

The definition of strength is the ability of a muscle to exert force to overcome a resistance.

Muscular endurance.

This is referring to the muscles ability to make repeated movements over and over again. For example, when running your legs perform the same movement pattern over and over, therefore the muscles performing this exercise must contract over and over. Muscular endurance is of vital importance just to get by each day, walking to work, chopping a carrot, pressing the pedals in your car, climbing stairs.


Flexibility refers to a joints ability to move through a range of motion - if some is said to have good flexibility they would have a large range of motion through there joints. Usually the restricting factor is the length of our muscles running over that joint. It is important to remain flexible to avoid undue stiffness that can result in a decreased ability to perform certain movements and therefore increase the risk of injuries and poor posture.

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